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29/09/2023 8:17 am  
Hello! Can you recommend a website where I can find a virtual postcard for a gift? It is for my parents who live in another country. Thank you in advance.

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29/09/2023 8:33 am  

It's so nice that you keep in touch with your parents even at a distance. I know a very cool website called Birthdayimg Searching and downloading images is very easy, there are postcards for different ages (even for a 6-year-old child, even for an aunt). There is a large selection of postcards, all in excellent quality, interesting and varied, so you will definitely have a choice. By the way, I have already used virtual postcards and sent one to my mum, she was pleasantly surprised.

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29/09/2023 8:41 am  
Great idea! I didn't even know  such a website existed. It's a godsend for me, because now I can greet my friends who are very far away from me and express congratulations with cute images. Thank you!