An Appeal to fellow Homoeopaths

Dear friends,
According to New Life Era a monthly bilingual medical journal, Indian homeopathic market is likely to grow 30% annually and pegged at 46,000 Million in the next few years. Globally the homeopathic market is estimated at Rs 26300/- million with France being the largest contributor. Last year the size of domestic homeopathic market was around 27580 million according to a study by Associated chambers of commerce and industry of India. Union health ministry officials said over 100 million Indians depends only on homeopathy….
When we come to kerala during the last few years, we can see various factors adversely affecting the growth of homeopathy. When we probe reasons are many…. “The Landset” “Aarogya masika” issues against homeopathy , Government’s various free treatment schemes promoting other system of medicines, Insurance cards at a very nominal rate for the treatment of the whole family. All these are directly affecting the private homeopaths who are not having any other source of income like salary, allowances, pension, etc… There are various category associations for medical officers, PG’s, Students and they are getting lots of financial support from the government. But we the Private homeopaths are sidelined everywhere.

Factors like Free treatment centers, huge price hike of medicines, increasing quackery, etc are affecting the existence of the private homeopaths. So why don’t we work together without the Degree, Diploma, PG, disparities, for a noble mission. IE: Creating a peaceful atmosphere for a private homeopaths where he can flourish along with propagating and updating homeopathy.

WE are planning to organise an association only for the private practising homeopaths. Send your valuable suggestions which would be accepted in an unprejudiced manner.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

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