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Recommended self-care facial skincare products
As people continue to refrain from going out or working from home due to the spread of the new coronavirus, beauty products that allow you to easily take care of your skin at home are gaining attention. There are a wide range of products on the market, including models that can effectively penetrate the beauty ingredients of your regular cosmetics, and models that are gentle on the skin, allowing you to cleanse the dirt from your pores with water. In this article, we will introduce you to a selection of popular facial skincare devices with excellent cost performance.
Selecting a facial device that suits your purpose
You can easily treat your skin at home without having to go to an esthetician or clinic. Here, we will explain the typical types of facial devices.
1. Lift-up facial equipment
This is an item that can be expected to have a firming and tightening effect by approaching the facial muscles and the inside of the skin through stimulation and vibration. The main technologies used are RF (radio frequency), EMS (electrical stimulation), ultrasound, microcurrent (weak current), and LED.
RF (Radio Frequency)
RF (Radio Frequency) is a high-frequency wave that gently warms the skin through fine vibrations, and is said to be effective in promoting blood flow and improving elasticity. It is said to be effective in promoting blood flow and improving elasticity. There is almost no pain, and the warming effect can be expected to have a relaxing effect, making it suitable for people who want to lift their skin with as little stimulation as possible.
EMS (Electric Stimulation)
By stimulating and moving the facial muscles with a weak electric current, the EMS face lifting massage device is said to be effective in improving stiff muscles and eliminating sagging. Some people find this stimulation pleasant, while others find it uncomfortable.
By applying fine vibrations to the skin, it is said to have a cleansing and tapping effect. It is often used as a water peeling technique to remove dirt from the pores.
Microcurrent is a technology used in beauty clinics to approach the surface of the skin by stimulating it with a weak electric current. Compared to ultrasound and EMS, the stimulus given by microcurrent is smaller, so it can be used on delicate areas such as the eye area and eyelids.
LED light therapy
In addition to stimulating blood circulation by exposing the skin to LED light, it is said to have the effect of improving various skin qualities depending on the color of the light. It is generally believed that blue LED can improve acne scars and sterilize the skin, red LED can improve skin texture, green LED can improve blemishes, and yellow LED can activate turnover.
2. Introduction Facial Machine
This is an item that is expected to make it easier for cosmetic ingredients to penetrate the skin by passing a weak electric current. It is said that ingredients such as high-molecular collagen and hyaluronic acid, which are difficult to penetrate deep into the skin when applied by hand, can be firmly absorbed, leading to fresh skin. It also has the effect of absorbing old keratin and dirt (ion introduction) by emitting positive and negative ions from the electrodes. This product is suitable for people who are concerned about dry skin and want to improve their skin care effects.
3. Water peeling
Peeling is an item that removes dead skin cells and dirt left on the surface of the skin. Water peels are particularly gentle on the skin because they use the power of water and ultrasonic waves to lift off dirt. It is recommended for people who do not like scrubs or gels on their skin and who want the massaging effect of vibration.
4. Facial massager
Facial massager is popular as easy beauty products that can be used by simply rolling up and down along the face line. They come in a variety of shapes, including the Y-shaped type with two rollers, the I-shaped type with a simple stick shape, and the double type with large branches on both sides that can massage both sides of the face at the same time. It is highly practical because it can be used not only on the face but also on the whole body, and it has the advantage that it can be done while watching TV or using a smartphone. It is suitable for people who suffer from lack of elasticity and swelling of the skin.
Recommended Facial Devices
Here is a selection of recommended facial equipment for easy home beauty treatments. These are some of the most popular models on Price.com, so be sure to check them out.
1. Panasonic
This is an introductory facial device that uses "penetrating skincare" technology to spread beauty ingredients such as lotion to moisturize and firm the skin. The ratio of penetration to the stratum corneum is about 5.7 times for hyaluronic acid and about 5.0 times for collagen (according to Panasonic research).
It comes with two heads, one for pre-care and the other for introduction, and has three modes to suit your skin condition: "Skin Clear Mode" to remove dead skin cells and dirt, "Pre-Care Mode" to facilitate the penetration of beauty ingredients, "Moisturizing Mode" to deliver moisturizing ingredients, "Brightening Mode" to deliver vitamin C to the stratum corneum, and "Brightening Mode" to deliver moisturizing ingredients and vitamin C to the stratum corneum. The following six modes can be selected: "Pre-care mode" to facilitate the penetration of beauty ingredients, "Moisturizing mode" to deliver moisturizing ingredients firmly, "Brightening mode" to deliver vitamin C to the stratum corneum, "Multi-mode" to easily penetrate moisturizing ingredients and vitamin C in a single operation, and "Multi-mode" to tighten the skin with rapid cooling. It can also be used on top of sheet masks and comes with a cotton ring for attaching cotton. The product is cordless, so it can be used anywhere, and the automatic voltage switch allows it to be used overseas.
2. Hitachi
This facial machine enhances the penetration of moisturizing ingredients and delivers moisture to the stratum corneum in four modes: "Pore Cleansing," "Penetrating Moisturizer," "Luxurious Moisturizer," and "Pore Tightening," leading to plumped skin.
In the pore cleansing mode, the heated head of about 40°C widens the pores and draws out dirt from deep within the pores. The moisturizing mode uses the properties of electricity to penetrate the beauty ingredients contained in the sheet or cotton into the stratum corneum. In the cool mode, the cooling head tightens the pores and makes the skin smooth. The head is made of titanium material, which is gentle to the skin. It also has a timer function that alerts you every 45 seconds so that you can efficiently clean your skin. The current level can be selected from "weak," "medium," and "strong" to suit the skin's condition. The cordless type is convenient to carry around and can be used about 7 times on a full charge.
L&L SKIN VIA RF / EMS / UltraSonic 3 in 1 Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Device is unique skincare device combines the best beauty techniques for facial skin tightening treatments: RF (Radio Frequency) stimulates the production of collagen, EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) improves facial circulation and enhances muscle strength; UltraSonic will deeply clean your skin and exfoliates dead skin cells.
5. Ya-Man
This facial machine is equipped with a "photo" function that uses red LEDs to enhance skin hydration, and 1MHz RF waves that produce a warming effect. It has a unique "double ring" structure that warms a wide area deeply, and can be used on eyelids where signs of aging are a concern. It also features a "Clean Mode" that adsorbs and removes dead skin cells and pore dirt that cannot be removed by facial cleansing, a "Moist Mode" that supports the penetration of toners and serums, an "EMS Up Mode" that alternates between RF and EMS to stimulate facial muscles, an "RF LED mode, which stimulates facial muscles with alternating RF and EMS, RF LED mode, which provides firmness and elasticity with RF and red LED, and Cool mode, which tightens the skin with a cooling function.
6. ReFa

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